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   Sales & Warehouse Coordinator (work visa available)

岗位职责 / Job Responsibilities

  1. 仓库订单出货和卸货柜(涉及体力劳动);

  2. 做好周边区域客户关系维护,建立长期良好的客户关系;

  3. 及时沟通客户,反馈市场信息,做出处理建议;

  4. 制单出单,解决售后问题

  1. Warehouse order pick and Unload containers;

  2. Maintain good relationship with customers in surrounding area and establish long-term good relationship with customers;

  3. Timely communication with customers, feedback market information, and make suggestions;

  4. Make customer problems to solve

要求 / Requirements

  1. 能够流利使用普通话和英语;

  2. 有英国驾驶执照;

  3. 高度的工作热情、工作积极性及团队合作意识,有良好的沟通技巧;

  4. 有市场分析和开拓能力;

  5. 有食品及仓库相关经验者优先;

  6. 有销售工作经验者优先;

  7. 有合法工作身份

  1. Must be fluent in Mandarin and English.

  2. Have a British driving license;

  3. High work enthusiasm, enthusiasm and team spirit, good communication skills;

  4. Ability of market analysis and development;

  5. Food or warehouse related experience is preferred;

  6. Sales related experience is preferred;

  7. Have legal work status




Salary negotiable



工作地点 / Location


Monmouthshire, Wales

工作地点 / Location



工作角色 / About the Role


We are looking for a full-time experienced gardener and handyman to carry out landscaping and maintenance work on its grounds.


工作职能 / Job Responsibilities


Daily planting, landscaping and maintenance of the gardens



工作要求 / Job Requirement

  1. 曾有园艺方面的实践经验;

  2. 有能力操作简单的园艺和木工设备的人讲优先考虑;

  3. 具备良好的健康和安全意识以及强烈的工作热情;

  4. 英国驾驶执照;

  5. 有合法工作身份;

  6. 居住在蒙茅斯本地者优先

To be successful in this role, you should be able to demonstrate the following:

  1. Previous practical experience in gardening 

  2. Ability to operate simple gardening and woodworking equipment is preferred

  3. Possess good health & safety awareness and strong work ethic

  4. UK Drivers Licence

  5. Have a right to work in the UK

  6. Local resident to Monmouth is preferred  


Salary negotiable