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168 Express is a professional importer and exporter, representing and distributing many famous brands from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysia since 2017. We regularly participate in different trade promotion and demonstration platforms, enhance the market image of our products and products in different channels, expand to new markets, and advertise in television, newspapers, magazines and other media. Through our innovative business strategy, quality products, promotion, advertising, we strive to enhance the market competitiveness of our products and for a higher market share to ensure that our products are sold on the shelves of over 300 supermarkets, large and small, throughout Europe and Asia.

XGL is a partner worthy of customers' trust – they have always provided quality products and reliable services.


Our business philosophies include: quality-oriented, credit-worthy, pursuit of the outstanding, and brand uniqueness. We are committed to famous food brands, independent brands, quality assurance of orders, and professional sales. Our customer-oriented sales service covers both Europe and Asia.